Competition Tanning

Alongside spray tanning, I also work alongside Show Tan, LSRUK & A1 Tanning.

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Comp Tan Travel

When I was first taught competition tanning, I did what anyone does when starting a new venture and looked at other successful businesses who were doing what I was starting and how they worked.

Up at the top, was Show Tan, ran by a woman called Karen, it was clear from the minute I started that I wouldn’t compete with Show Tan as it was on another level.

Instead, I opted (and have maintained) doing smaller shows or 1 off competitors for the day before their competition.

When I separated from my ex husband, I was confident enough (somehow) to reach out to Karen and offer her help if she ever needed it, that, in the years that followed my separation/divorce was one of my best moves, in the process, I’ve been to some amazing events and gained friends along the way.

Karen is amazing, there’s no disputing it, more amazing than even I, previously from the outside could have imagined, in the now, 4 years that I’ve been tanning with her I’ve learned so much and gained so much respect for the competitors that I’ve met and seen on stage, the customer service and high quality service she insists on providing is second to none and I’m honoured to not only be able to work alongside her, but to  call her my friend is amazing!

Karen introduced me then, to LSRUK which provided me with the opportunity to go to Romania and tan for 4 days straight.

What isn’t mentioned by the tanners at many of the competitions, is how much work goes on behind the scenes – with the tanning alone, it is early mornings from the minute you get up, you’ll be on your feet.

It’s the people you work with and the people you meet that make it worth it, in the process of tanning with Karen, LSRUK & A1 Tanning I have an enormous amount of respect for the ladies & numerous memories that are shared in the images below.