Before & After Tanning

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Pre Tan Information


Start preparing your skin ready for your tanning session. Say goodbye to any dead skin with your favourite gentle natural exfoliator. Simply buff your skin all over, concentrating on some of your slightly drier areas. When doing this, be sure to use a gentle exfoliating brush or pad, as we’re looking to clean and remove toxins from the skin ready for the tan.

Exfoliation helps to reveal a fresh new layer of smooth skin, helping your tan to last much longer and keeping you glowing for weeks to come. If possible, it’s recommended that you go through the exfoliation process at least 24-48 hours before your treatment. This will allow the skin’s pores to close fully, preventing tan from building up in any unclosed pores and leaving a smoother finish for your tan.



Another important step in making sure your skin is ready for your spray tan is to wax or shave. We recommend that you shave or wax at least 48 hours before your treatment. Removing unwanted hair will prevent the tanning solution from clinging to your hair shafts, which will create a dotty and uneven finish. If possible, waxing is the preferred option. This is because waxing will prevent hair growth for up to a month, helping your tan remain glowing for longer. Be sure to do this at least several days before your treatment, as this will allow your follicles to close up, ensuring that your tan looks even, balanced and natural.

If you prefer shaving, be sure you try and achieve as even finish as possible. This way, your pores have plenty of time to close so that any solution doesn’t cling and create unwanted dark patches.



Ensuring that your skin is feeling as fresh as possible will help to maximise how well the tan sticks to your skin. In addition, a spray tan has the potential to look patchy and uneven on areas of dry skin.

To reduce dry areas, such as on your elbows, knees and ankles, take some time to moisturise prior to your treatment. This will help to create a smooth and even finish for your tan. For best results, we recommend doing so overnight with an oil-free formula – this will help to provide the perfect tanning base for your solution.



One thing that many people forget about, particularly those who have not had a spray tan before, is to protect their nails during the treatment. Just like with your clothing, spray tan solution can also stain your nails, leaving an unfinished and unprofessional look after your treatment.

Be sure to coat your nails, both hands and feet with some nail varnish – even a clear coat will do! By doing so will help to protect your nails from any discolouration and avoid the risk of the tan staining them ahead of a big event, such as a wedding. The combination of a glowing spray tan and freshly painted nails will create a naturally sun-kissed result that your friends will be envious of! Try not to worry too much as your Spray Tan Therapist will use Tan Removal Wipes to remove all signs of tan left on your nails after your treatment.



Ahead of your treatment, be sure to say goodbye to any products such as deodorant, perfume, oils, moisturisers and makeup before attending your spray tanning appointment. Often, these products contain certain chemicals that tan doesn’t like, leaving you with an uneven or patchy finish, something that we certainly want to avoid!

By making sure that any perfume, deodorant or oils are rinsed off prior to your treatment will ensure the solution won’t cling to them and leave you with any white patches. Products such as these actually tend to act like a barrier and won’t allow your beautiful tan to take effect. So always make sure you are completely free of these products prior to your spray tan treatment!



You want to tan your skin, not your hair, right? We always want to keep your hair up and out of the way during a treatment to avoid the risk of any tan getting into it.

If your hair is a mid to long length, be sure to take some hair ties with you to your appointment to tie it up and out of the way. You’re guaranteed a complete and professional finish, as well as not having to spend the evening washing solution out of your hair.

Post Tan Information

Clothing for After Tan

We all know the frustration of staining your favourite clothes, especially with things that can be slightly harder to remove! This is certainly the case when it comes to tanning. Tan and white or light-coloured clothing simply does not mix! To save your worry, we recommend that you opt for dark and loose clothing made from cotton or jersey fabrics.

By wearing darker and loose-fitting items, your clothes won’t cling to your freshly applied spray tan as it develops and leave you with patches or uneven tan. Especially as some of the guide colour can be easily removed by tighter-fitting clothing options, which is absolutely something we want to avoid!

With this in mind, also opt for underwear/bikinis that you don’t mind getting any solution on that are made of a similar fabric. This way, you can opt for these each time without any worry of trying to find more suitable options.


Rinsing After Your Tan

It will take up to eight hours for your spray tan to fully develop, so try not to shower or bathe in this time. Taking lots of showers or spending time soaking in the bath can fade your tan. Keep your washing sessions as brief as possible if you want to maintain your tan for longer.

Similarly, vigorous exercise and swimming should also be avoided for at least the first 24 hours. This can affect the development of your spray tan and can prevent you from achieving the optimum depth of colour.

After your spray tan has developed completely, shower only with water – no soap, keep your skin supple with plenty of moisturisation. Generous moisturising will prevent your skin from drying out and will keep your tan looking incredible between treatments.


Prolong Your Tan

Now that your desired colour has developed, you’ve showered and moisturised; you should have a beautiful and flawless glow! As amazing as your new spray tan will look, this colour will naturally begin to fade around the 5th day as your top layer of skin begins to shed – but never fear!

If you want to keep that golden glow for even longer, you can prolong your tan in between treatments with your favourite self-tan product. If this is your first time doing so, speak to Jenna for recommendations!

Jenna Mobile Spray Tanning

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